Old North State Sounds Monkey Wretch - 3 Transistor Overdrive


Monkey Wretch is a mild to medium overdrive/distortion hybrid effect pedal for guitar, bass, keys, etc. It incorporates a pair of transistors to establish a gain stage that is fed into a jfet output stage. All components are high quality parts rated and matched to work seamlessly to bring a unique sound. Not a clone or copy of anything on the market today. Transistors are matched by hand for beta (gain) so that each pedal is as close as possible. Non polarized capacitors are Panasonic as those are ideal for audio.

The Monkey Wretch offers tried and true two knob controls. An input GAIN control that drives the gain stage of the transistors and an output LEVEL control. The overall output of this pedal is mild compared to many two knob tonebender style pedals. This is designed so that the pedal plays well with other overdrive, fuzz and distortion pedals, allowing more tone and sound control from your set up. This pedal will not overload your amps input. Unity is around 3/4" travel so that there is a little gain on tap but nothing that will crush your speakers into oblivion. This is also useful for bedroom/practice/small band and recording set ups.

A unique quality to this pedal is the short sustain that tends to break up as it trails off. Reminiscent of a tube amp just before tubes need to be changed. I thought of the Silvertone 1484 when building this into the pedal. A purposeful musical glitching of the signal. Feed this pedal into your favorite fuzzface and you have a creamy, smooth, liquid overdrive that responds amazingly to pick attack and playing style.


  • All pedals are built by hand in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I use a high quality pcb, not perf or vero board.
  • All transistors are gain checked to be matched for each circuit.
  • Each pedal is then tested by both frequency sweeping and verifying on an oscilloscope as well with a guitar/amp set up.
  • The finish is a brilliant white high grade enamel with a minimum of 7 coats of clear on top.
  • All of my pedals utilize standard "boss style" 9v power supplies. No battery clip is supplied.
  • Single bright blue led identifies when pedal is on.
  • Built into a very durable Hammond 125 style aluminum case.

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