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Old North State Sounds

The Earth Departer is my take on the highly sought after and widely popular Harmonic Perculator. This is not a clone. It's a twist of a popular circuit with a few tweaks and an added tone control.

The unique sound of the original design is still present, but with a different selection of complimentary transistors and passives. A pleasing asymmetrical clipping of silicon and germanium diodes before the tone control gives treatment to the signal similar to that of tube overdrive.

Controls include:

  • Drive - the amount of overdrive/distortion created
  • Gain - the output overall volume
  • Tone - simple effective passive single tone control

There is plenty of volume on tap with this pedal and a low noise floor. Giving a range of sounds from the entire sweep of controls. This is built on a high quality PCB, not a perf or vero board. Top quality matched components are used during assembly.

All pedals are hand built in Pittsburgh, PA. The finish is high grade white enamel with clear coat. All pedals utilize 2.1mm tip negative 9 volt power jack common to most effects pedals on the market. The Earth Departer has low current draw and most any aftermarket 9 volt power supply will work.

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