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The M440SE is the only pedal of its kind. It has two axes that can be used for panning, volume, and/or expression. The left/right motion will pan the instrument signal while up/down motion controls the overall volume. Both axes can be used for expression control too.

With all the flexibility built into the M440SE, there are many ways to use it. You could mix two input channels of an amp. With that same capability, you could mix two entirely different amplifiers for a huge stereo composite signal. As an expression pedal, effect parameters can be assigned to one or both axes. This will eliminate the need for more than one pedal and free up some stage real estate. And, if you change your rig, which never happens, the M440SE is flexible enough to do what you need in the future. It even works as a 500k volume pedal.

For a detailed discussion of what this pedal can do and some real life scenarios, please see the detailed operation section below.


  • Pan between two channels or amplifiers with volume control
  • Simultaneous Volume/Pan and Expression control
  • Two axis expression control for new effect creation
  • Saves space by having two pedals in one


  • Heavy Duty steel and stainless steel construction
  • High cycle to fail potentiometers
  • No active components
  • Natural feeling pedal motion
  • High resistance value potentiometers

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