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Old Blood Noise Endeavors is pleased to announce the Procession Reverb, a science fiction-inspired digital reverb pedal with a focus on  otherworldly noises not easily comprehended or achieved through a single  pedal. With a simple control layout and mode toggle switch, the Procession  can quickly achieve washed-out filtered, flanged and tremolo reverb  sounds.

Controls include Reverb for the reverb decay time, Mix for the balance  between unaffected signal and affected signal, Speed and Depth for for the  chosen modulation mode.  A three-way toggle switch allows the player to  choose between Flange, Filter or Tremolo modes. The Hold footswitch  allows the user to lock in a reverb sustain as long as the footswitch is  pressed and provides the opportunity to play over the sustained reverb  signal, similar to multi-tracking.

The Procession is True Bypass and is conveniently powered by most 9V  DC power supplies.

The Procession may be purchased for $199 at most places that carry Old  Blood Noise Endeavors products and online at oldbloodnoise.com.

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