Old Blood Noise Endeavors


    Old Blood Noise Endeavors started in a garage, sort of. In reality, it is the return to the garage. After spending some time working for and building up some now established pedal companies, it seemed right, if not prudent, to give it a go in our own way, making the weird, niche based effects that we so often like to hunt down and use in our own musical projects. So here we are, Brady Smith (Walrus Audio) and Seth McCarroll (4Site Electronics), making pedals, making and listening to music, drinking coffee, thinking about but never pulling the trigger on writing a screenplay, and waiting for the next Mads Mikkelsen movie to come out. With the help of some talented friends such as Blake Studdard of Atria Creative, Scott Windsor of Learn to Brew and our cautiously understanding families, we mustered enough gall to start this deal.

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