Okko Diablo Overdrive



Okko FX (2005)

The Okko Diablo is a versatile, extremely transparent and dynamic Overdrive with lots of gain on tap. With its independent, discrete circuit (no ICs) and features such as its Feed and Body Knobs (see below), it allows a multitude of sounds from transparent chords to fat, singing lead lines with gobs of sustain. The Diablo also sounds great in front of a clean amp.

The Diablo can be run on a 9-volt battery or a power supply (not included) from 6 to 18 volts. Lower voltages give you a compressed, smoother tone whilst higher voltages make for more dynamics and added headroom (particularly suited to guitars with high output pickups).

The on/off switch is a true mechanical bypass, meaning your signal doesn't pass through any semiconductors when the effect is switched off, therefore avoiding adverse coloration of your sound. A smart blue LED with a reflector lets you know the on/off status.

Okko Effects are completely hand-made and hand-painted. Only the highest quality components are used (such as Alpha pots, metal film resistors, foil, styroflex and Silva Mica capacitors, 3PDT footswitch etc.). The casing is cast aluminium and the pots are aluminium too. The enclosure is painted and covered with epoxy. Every Okko is lovingly hand-painted so that no two pedals are 100% identical. Special requests can be accommodated at any time.

The controls:

  • The Feed knob affects the input signal. You know the problem: the overdrive sound - whether from the amp or a stomp-box - can get muddy if the input signal is too bassy (that's why treble boosters were invented). The solution: turning the Feed knob counter-clockwise "thins out" the input signal. You'll hear the difference immediately - even the fattest neck humbucker sounds transparent without a trace of mud.
  • The Body knob takes effect on mid frequencies before the overdrive cicuit and changes the sound character from open and airy to powerful and assertive.
  • As for gain, tone and volume - they speak for themselves...
  • Located inside the Diablo are two trim pots for fine-tuning: The amount of high frequencies in front of the tone pot and the bass content of the tone pot itself can be adjusted.


  • effective pre-gain control by means of Feed and Body
  • completely handmade and hand-painted
  • mechanical true bypass
  • high quality components
  • external power jack for 6-18 volts DC
  • blue 5mm LED with reflector
  • internal trim pots for fine-tuning
  • robust, road-worthy enclosure and knobs made of aluminium
  • unlimited guarantee on the circuit
  • individual wishes can be realized


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