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Okko FX (Web Archive 2005)

Following a year's worth of R&D and countless prototypes, tests and improvements, the final version of the Basstard is now available. This critter gives you the sounds of a big tube amp - from the edge of breakup to an amp on 10. If you've ever played bass through an Orange, Marshall Super Bass or Ampeg SVT that was turned up loud, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Most overdrives cut bass or get muddy in the low frequencies. The Basstard - by way of its special voicing and through mixing in some of the original signal - gives a punchy yet contoured sound - without a hint of chain-saw or pumped up flab.

The Fat Switch changes the way the low frequencies are affected. Switching it on and off has a similar effect to changing from a guitar amp to a bass amp.

The Basstard can be run on a 9 volt battery or an external power adaptor (not supplied) using 9-18 volts. Lower voltages give a softer more compressed tone and higher voltages give a more dynamic output with increased headroom (good for basses with very powerful pickups).

The switch is mechanical true bypass, meaning the signal doesn't pass through any semiconductors, therefore retaining its integrity. Just step on the switch and the Basstard's blue LED eyes light up.

Okko effects are completely hand-made. Only the highest quality components are used (e.g. Alpha pots, metal film resistors, foil, styroflex and silva mica capacitors, 3PDT switch etc.). The casing is made of cast aluminium, knobs are aluminium too. Every single Okko is lovingly hand-painted.

One more tip: don't let the Basstard fall into the hands of a guitarist - there are some very nice dirty yet clear guitar tones in there too...


  • completely hand-made and hand-painted
  • mechanical true bypass
  • high quality components
  • power jack for 9-18 volts
  • blue LED eyes
  • tough, road-ready casing and aluminium knobs
  • 10 year guarantee on the circuit
  • Looks great :-)

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