Ohnoho Chk Chk Boom




Momentary Feedback Effects Pedal

Crazy feedback, glitch, self oscillation, infinity delay insanity … plus some subtle stuff too!

The cold hard facts on the CHK CHK BOOM:

  • Momentary Feedback looper
  • True Bypass
  • Passive Electronics (no DC power/battery needed)
  • Optional Joy Button: provides same function as footswitch but far more tactile sensitivity for fast fingers.
  • Optional Loop Mute: FX loop can be muted when the CCB is not activated.
  • note: Joy Button and Loop Mute CAN NOT be combined in the same pedal.

The CHK CHK BOOM works by feeding your effects input to it's output.

The CHK CHK BOOM has a momentary switch so it's only on when your foot is on it. This is a good thing because its perfect for short blasts of crazy noise mixed into other melodic content. It's also great when you're playing through a delay and you want the delay to swell and feedback with out bending down to twist a knob.

Every other feedback pedal out there has a latched switch which in my opinion doesn't work as well for the kind of sound this pedal produces.

The Joy Button

OK so here's the deal: THE JOY BUTTON is a light and responsive, springy pushbutton. It mimics the same action you get from the foot switch. Except it's meant for your fingers.

The way you flick it can really change the response. THE JOY BUTTON is meant for ass-crack showing musicians that like to bend down and tweak their pedals when performing. Oh yeah beatmakers, MPC nerds and table-top tweakers, you have not been forgotten. You guys are awesome at playing really tight stuff with your nose picker. This is indeed for you too!

Use your fingers! But not your feet for THE JOY BUTTON. It's sensitive and needs to be treated as such. RESPECT THE JOY BUTTON.

Loop Mute

When engaged: what's on the send and return (fx loop) jacks WILL NOT BE HEARD. Hit the footswitch and POW! What's in the fx loop is heard and is fed back. Turn the feedback all the way down and you've got basically a momentary a/b switch (depending on what's plugged in).

When the toggle is in the other position it's your standard CCB. You'll always hear what's in the fx loop and the momentary switch will just turn on the feedback circuit.


There's no battery or power source to worry about so it won't take up a much needed power cord on your pedal board.

The CHK CHK BOOM was born from a hand crafted litter in Brooklyn, NY. Each pedal is hand painted with slight variations in finish. Designs are never repeated. You've got yourself a collectible, champ.


I usually don't label the jacks or knobs. I feel they get in the way of the inherent beauty of the design. Plus it makes it way harder for that pedal geek at your show to figure what the hell it is you have on your pedal board; Thus upping your rep.

Counter Clockwise:

  • IN: Your instrument
  • FX SEND: Connects to the input of your FX chain.
  • INTENSITY: Amount of feedback blast when pedal is depressed
  • FX RETURN: Output from your FX chain
  • OUT: output.

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