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This Delay/Echo is as vintage as it gets without dropping the big bucks. Warm and Dark, this delay puts the modern digital stuff to shame. Everything from Rockabilly “Slap Back” to dirgy ultra long repeats. This PT2399 based delay is as close to “True” analog as you can get and still be technically digital. Note that this pedal WILL NOT operate on a 9v Battery, as it would kill a 9v battery in a matter of minutes. A 12Vdc (not 9Vdc) power adapter is required.

Available in standard Black Powder Coat with Art and hidden LED indicator, Hand Etched, Hand Etched and Painted or your Custom Artwork Designed, Etched & Painted.


  • Solid Construction
  • Level, Time, Repeats on the dash for dialing in your color
  • Hidden LED on/off indicator
  • Standard 2.1mm Power Connector for common stompbox power adapters (Boss,DOD,Line 6, etc..)
  • 20ms to 900ms Delay times
  • 2 Year Warranty


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