Ohm Electronics Cafe Omega - Transparent Boost


Ohm Electronics

This Mosfet Boost is a no frills, super clean boost to give your leads the lift they need. No tone altering colors or tone sucking circuitry. Just a straight ahead boost! The amp this was developed with is a clean only tube amp and we were able to get the tubes to break up at a low level to achieve natural, creamy distortion. An unintended bonus that the Cafe Omega delivers. The toggle switch up top allows Bassists to make use of this awesome boost as well. Flip it left for guitar and flip it right for bass. A 9vdc/center negative power supply is required for this pedal. There is no room inside for a 9v battery.

Available in standard Yellow Powder Coat with Art and hidden LED indicator, Hand Etched, Hand Etched and Painted or your Custom Artwork Designed, Etched & Painted.


  • Solid Construction
  • Level and Instrument Selection controls on the dash for dialing in your boost and input impedance.
  • No Tonal Additives!
  • 2 Year Warranty

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