Ohm Electronics Billy Hell Deluxe


Ohm Electronics

Touch sensitive tone in a stompbox. Wooly, creamy, wide, tight, top and bottom are all ranges within this effects pedals grasp. 2 switchable clipping configurations available, as well as gain extension (Hard Harder). The boost can give you up to an additional +21db of climb and the Gain+ feature can take you from smooth overdrive to growling gain monster. These are made to order, so anticipate a 1-2 week wait from time of order to delivery. Metal to Blues...Country to Classic Rock. This pedal is about as flexible as any Overdrive pedal can be. The Boost will operate independently from the Overdrive/Gain+ section. The Gain+ only works when the overdrive is engaged. The LED indicators for the over drive and boost are hidden behind the eyes in the skulls above their respective footswitches.

Limited #'s of these WILL BE PRODUCED!


  • Solid Construction
  • Level, Tone, Girth (Contour),Gain & Boost controls on the dash for dialing in your color and levels
  • Standard 2.1mm/Center Negative Power Connector for common stompbox power adapters (Boss,DOD,Line 6, etc..)
  • Internal Clip for 9v Battery
  • 4 Selectable clipping configurations
  • Switchable Gain extension
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Optional Power Supply
  • 9Vdc
  • 800mAh
  • 2.1mm Barrel Connector

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