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It seems that multi-functional, dual channel, waveform selectable, 12-knob tremolos are all the rage in the pedal market these days. Some are even available with tap tempo and give the user the option of selecting certain pulses to be emphasized. These mega-trems are probably the be-all end-all for some, but I've found that most players just want to be able to step on their tremolo pedals and be done with it! If a simple, straight forward design is what you're after, this is your pedal.

The idea was to offer a tremolo effect that was smooth and very tube-like, but that would cut through the mix if need be. It needed to sound like an amp and not a pedal. I believe the Tremalicious fits the bill. It'll do the slow, seductive pulses or the choppy machine gun stutter - all with vintage tube amp character. You'll also notice that the Tremalicious adds just a shimmer of presence to your tone. Not near enough to get in the way, but just enough to turn a few heads. Throw in a master volume control (not always available on a tremolo unit) and you've got a great sounding, easy to use trem that's ready for the stage or studio right out of the box.

Tremalicious features include:

  • Sturdy die cast metal enclosure
  • Hand-wired true bypass circuitry
  • Metal and carbon film resistors
  • Metal film caps
  • Top-mounted Switchcraft jacks
  • Pulsing blue status LED
  • Level, depth, and rate controls
  • Operates on 9v battery (supplied) or standard 2.1mm neg. tip DC adapter
  • Actual size: 2.4”W x 4.7”L

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