OceanEFX Rockin' Horse



The Rockin' Horse wants to do pretty much one thing…rock. If you've been looking for a “cranked Marshall in a box”, this is your animal. Plug it in and you'll wonder what happened to your amp! Capable of much more gain than the Pearl Drive, this pedal is for the player looking for a more aggressive sound. This is far from a one trick pony, though. Crank the level and roll back on the drive for some surprisingly warm and full bluesy grit. From there, increase the drive and the fun begins!

This pedal is truly fun to play. Its strength is in its dynamic and touch sensitive character. Whether you set it for a more mild overdrive or full-tilt distortion, the Rockin' Horse will follow where you lead. Chunk out rhythmic power chords or searing lead lines…either way, the Horse retains a nice tight bottom, full midrange, and high end sparkle. It plays nicely with both single coils and humbuckers, too.

Rockin' Horse features include:

  • Sturdy die cast metal enclosure
  • Hand-wired true bypass circuitry
  • Metal and carbon film resistors
  • Metal film caps
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Red status LED
  • Level, tone, and drive controls
  • Operates on 9v battery (supplied) or standard 2.1mm neg. tip DC adapter
  • Actual size: 3.7”W x 4.7”L

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