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Fuzz. The guitar effect made immortal by legends like Hendrix and Page. You could spend big dollars on a vintage fuzz box to try and nail that legendary tone, but you've already sold the farm to buy your amp! Enter the Fuzz Buster…my attempt at capturing the best of those old gems. With a tonal character falling somewhere between a vintage Fuzz Face and an old Tone Bender, this pedal is a modern take on a classic sound. The Fuzz Buster uses silicon NPN transistors to achieve its unruly tone and an internal trimmer lets you fine tune the response of the tone pot. Although it's been set to where I think the sweet spot is, you might want to tweak to your own personal taste. With more than enough compressed, smooth distortion, gnarly bite, and gobs of sustain, the Fuzz Buster is bold as love. You dig?

Fuzz Buster features include:

  • Sturdy die cast metal enclosure
  • Hand-wired true bypass circuitry
  • Metal and carbon film resistors
  • Metal film caps
  • Top-mounted Switchcraft jacks
  • Green status LED
  • Level, tone, and fuzz controls
  • Operates on 9v battery (supplied) or standard 2.1mm neg. tip DC adapter
  • Actual size: 2.4”W x 4.7”L (larger enclosure shown)

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