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While it is true that no stompbox compares to what a great amp can do when you push the tubes, it is true that some can get real close. With a million overdrive pedals out there right now, it's no wonder guys go through them so fast, looking for “the one”. Well, I'd like to think your search for a great overdrive pedal ends here.

The Classic Drive is big, harmonically rich, and open. With a nice bite on the front end, you can really dig in and make it sing. From mild, bluesy overdrive, to cranked amp grit, the Classic is the answer. The harder you play, the more it responds and it cleans up really well when you back off your guitar's volume. Adding to this pedal's versatility is a two position mini toggle switch. You can boost the mids for more of a TS type flavor, or scoop them out for an open and cutting drive. All this with a touch more gain than your typical mild overdrive.

Construction note: With the drive knob fully counter-clockwise, no signal will pass. This is normal operation! The Classic Drive circuit is designed so that the level and drive controls interact with each other in a way that allows the pedal to achieve a wide range of tonal possibilities. However, with the drive set below 9 o'clock, you'll get a very useable clean boost.

No matter what style of music you play, you're sure to find a place for the Classic Drive in your arsenal!

Classic Drive features include:

  • Sturdy die cast metal enclosure
  • Hand-wired true bypass circuitry
  • Metal and carbon film resistors
  • Metal film caps
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Red status LED
  • Level, tone, and drive controls
  • Operates on 9v battery (supplied) or standard 2.1mm neg. tip DC adapter
  • Actual size: 3.7”W x 4.7”L

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