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Occvlt Pedals

Occvlt Wraith Reverb is an easy to use and great-sounding effect, which adds a lot of space to your sound.

It's based on the reverb module of Accu-Bell Sound Inc. which allows you to get a great reverb sound. It has two knobs, the main

Reverb setting and Extend regulation, which allows you to increase the reverb effect and causes longer decay - at maximum settings You can stretch the spectrum which creates the impression of vast space - so even the simplest riffs will sound stunning.


  • High-quality parts, 
  • Alpha pots, 
  • metal enclosure, 
  • standard Boss type 9v DC powering, 
  • true bypass, 
  • led on/off indicator, 
  • any custom graphics on enclosure and knobs in price 

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