Nine Volt Nirvana Dinosaur Fuzz


2005 Nine Volt Nirvana

Is it possible for super-fat fuzz, sweet overdrive and all around creamy-great lead/rhythm tones to emanate from one box? The tone freaks who have experienced the Dinosaur Fuzz say YES! World renowned fuzz expert Joe Gagan has pulled out all the stops on his first commercially available fuzzbox. Numerous circuit innovations result in a fuzz that is so smooth, so versatile, you might find yourself reaching for it every time you fire up your axe.

Two channel operation, with the ability to re-voice the second channel to your needs, a unique, user tunable treble loop circuit that adds beautiful high end sweetness along with the fat tone for unprecedented harmonic richness in a fuzz. What's inside? Three gainstages, Hybrid germanium and silicon circuitry, high quality parts, including a silver mica capacitor that costs 20 times more than more common caps, for a sweetness in the high end that shimmers when it is time to rock.

Joe Gagan (Nine Volt Nirvana)

Approx. 140 of these were made in 2002 and 2003. The first 50 had yellow around the logo, later units had blackface around lettering.

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