Nine Volt Nirvana Dino Drive


2005 Nine Volt Nirvana

Explosive rock distortion/drive unit from the NVN research lab! Featuring wide-range tone and gain controls along with the 'feel good' organic saturation that is unique to germanium/silicon circuitry. Shades of gain can be dialed in from mild, tubelike overdrive all the way to screaming crunch. All settings yield an elusive "extension of the player's hands" sense of touch-reactiveness. The DinoDrive allows the player to control a wide array of cleanish to crunch from the guitar's volume control as well. A second footswitch kicks in a rhythm volume channel controlled by the user. Unique to all NVN pedals, each DinoDrive features a one of a kind handmade and painted faceplate by the designer, Joe Gagan.

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