Nine Volt Nirvana


    Joe Gagan is the designer/builder/owner of Nine Volt Nirvana. He's located in Albuquerque, NM, USA.

    Timeline (by Joe Gagan)

    • December 2000: Easy Face schematic published online. The first major DIY silicon/germanium hybrid Fuzz Face that was designed to bias easily even for beginners.
    • February 2001: published first soundclips and schematic for Skyripper fuzz.
    • March 2002: Dinosaur Fuzz launched at Musictoyz, record holder for most sales on first day of release up to that time.
    • March 2003: financial trouble caused delays in orders and some pedals not making it back to customers. The first rags to riches to rags story of the 2nd wave of boutiquers.

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