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NUX Atlantic will take you to the coasts of Atlantic Ocean, with its deep, smooth and fresh ocean breeze sound. Hear all the whispering echoes and watch the northern lights dancing on cold air… millions of tiny ice crystals moving with the cold wind, shimmering all around the sky.

One of the best Delay and Reverb algorithms in a metal box.  We specially selected 3 classic Delays & 3 classic Reverbs . . . and we added a bonus “Shimmer” effect which lets you create a dreamy waterfall shimmer--especially handy on intros, interludes, and endings.   And now, because of NUX’s latest Core Image Technology, the new Verdugo Series effect pedals offers pro-level sound enhancement.

NUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb pedal also has inside routing-control between the effects so you can choose which effect comes first.  On Serial Mode you can create a deep-reflection reverb with wet or dry repeats, or you can split your guitar signal, and add both effects in parallel chain.  Each effect will be mixed with separated dry signals.

It has a 6.35 mm jack input, and 2 outputs /stereo for the ultimate Delay & Reverb experience.

It has an Input Level toggle switch, so you can optimize the input signal with your signal level.


  • 3 Delay Effects - 70’s Analog, 60’s Tape and 80’s Digital
  • Delay Level, Time and Repeat
  • TAP TEMPO w/ Tap Subdivision Options
  • 3 Reverb Effects - Spring, Plate and Hall
  • Reverb Level and Decay
  • Plate Reverb with Shimmering Effect
  • TRS Input - Effect Loop Connection via Insert or “Y” cable
  • Input Level Switch (-10dB / +4dB)
  • Parallel or Serial Output and Inside Routing
  • Stereo Output
  • USB Port for firmware updates

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