nuX PG-1 Portable Guitar Effects



The PG-1 delivers anything you want; when you are ready to rock out, wherever, whenever. Just bring your guitar and headphones, the PG-1 provides a metronome, tuner, and real guitar amp and effects modeling.

  • Analog Preamp
  • Three killer amps sound CLEAN, BLUES and ROCK.
  • Three variable speed modulation effects including Chorus, Flanger and Tremolo.
  • More than 400ms delay effect and reverb.
  • AIR effect simulates the real guitar amp sound picked up by a microphone.
  • Three tuning modes (Chromatic, Guitar, Bass)
  • Flat Tuning up to 2 semi-tones.
  • Built-in metronome with selectable rhythmic patterns.
  • AUX IN gets you jamming along with your favorite music (mp3 player, etc.)
  • A large backlit LCD screen.
  • Two AA batteries provide more than 8 hours continuous play time

Guitar Effects Amp Simulator

  • Use the Amplifier slide switch to select Clean, Blues or Rock.
  • Use the GAIN control to adjust amount of distortion.
  • Use the LEVEL control to adjust volume of the guitar sound

Modulation Effects

  • Use the Effects slide switch to select Chorus, Flanger or tremolo.
  • Use the MOD control to adjust the amount of effect.

Ambience Effects

  • Use the Ambience slide switch to select Echo, Delay or Reverb.
  • Use the Tweak knob to adjust the amount of effect.

Air Function

  • Switch on/off the AIR function. (AIR effect simulates the real sound of a close-mic’d guitar amp)

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