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Lacerate is a mini pedal with a huge boost, using our Dual FET Circuit Design.

It features 1 simple control knob, 2 types of boost options, and 2 bypass modes.

There are 2 Boost Modes:

Clean Boost

In the Clean mode, Lacerate only boosts the signal, increasing the volume without any sound colorization. For this reason, Lacerate is one of the cleanest “clean boost” pedals available.

Crank Boost

If you want fat, harmonically rich boost tone, just hold down the foot-switch (1 second) to engage the 2nd stage which adds your overdrive tone.  Most boost pedals will only yield about +20dB maximum, but Lacerate`s Crank mode gives you a whopping +35dB. From average to huge!

Higher Voltage, Increased Headroom & Dynamic   

Lacerate’s integrated voltage-doubler automatically converts 9V to 18V giving you ginormous headroom and dynamic.

WARNING: To avoid damage to voltage doubler circuit, please ONLY use 9V Power Source. It will handle the conversion.

True Bypass or Buffer Bypass

Doubling the voltage to 18V gives you better dynamic, but it also creates a better headroom buffer.

A lot of professional guitar players start their signal-chain with a stand-alone buffer. Lacerate has an embedded selectable buffer bypass.

You can change the bypass mode by turning on the power while holding the footswitch.


  • *True Bypass/ Buffer Bypass
  • *2 types of boost options (Clean & Crank)
  • *Dual FET Circuit Design for the most tube-like tone in a transistor design

nuX (press release September 15, 2017)

Shenzhen, China, September 15, 2017– Nux announces new mini booster pedal Lacerate FET Boost

Lacerate FET Boost is a booster pedal designed for boosting up the signals in different ways. Besides boosting your guitar volume in a clean way, you can also boost your gain and adjust the signal level separately to keep it as same as input level, higher or lower.

Lacerate FET Boost is a mini booster pedal comes with 2 boost modes; Clean mode and Crank mode. In Clean mode, the pedal boosts the signal and allows to increase the volume without any sound colorization. When you need to boost your volume level in original tone to play a solo part, simply you can activate the pedal and it will increase the signal to the adjusted volume level. To use Crank mode, hold the switch for 1 second and gain signal will be cranked up then you can adjust output level as you want. 

The unit price will be $54.99 (MAB)

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