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The "Tweedy Bird" is an overdrive pedal of sorts to be sure. More than that it excels at slight to moderate breakup. 

Built and soldered by hand on perfboard. No mass produced foreign stuffed PCB. 

You've heard the "Edge of Break Up" Sounds on countless rock,& roll, blues, and country recordings from the 1950's through modern times. Does your amp sound stale and lifeless on cleaner style settings? Does your amp sound and feel right in your bedroom, but when you turn it up at a rehearsal or a gig it feels like its working against you? The Tweedy Bird has been tweaked and tailored to work well with both tube and solid state amplifiers. You read it right solid state amplifiers. It has been specifically designed to deliver that sound at any amp volume.

This is not another hi gain pedal or another green screamer clone.

The Tweedy Bird is built and tested using carefully selected components. It features hand wired circuitry including a germanium diode in the tone path.

The Tweedy Bird offers true bypass switching as a boost or an overdrive depending on the gain and volume settings. The Tweedy Bird may exhibit a small amount of gain even at the lowest Drive setting. You can clean up your sound by rolling down the volume on your guitar. The White Knob controls the Output Level and the Yellow knob on the right controls the amount of Gain.

Uses "Boss Style" 9 Volt power supply. 

Equipped with True Bypass Switching 

2 Year Warranty.

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