Nunomo Limbo Overdrive



There are so many Overdrive Pedals in the market these days. Limbo is one of these, but it has a very unique feature, that is a variable clipping voltage control.

Some other overdrive pedals offer to change the method of clipping. For example, changing the clipping device from Si to Germ, FET, Op-amp, and asymmetrical or symmetrical.

Limbo takes a totally different approach. Nunomo's unique circuit gives the user ability to change clipping voltage seamlessly. You can change its clipping voltage from low to high, until it hits Op-amp's clipping voltage, by turning control knobs.

There are two dials to control it, one is Positive, another is Negative. This means you can set it to symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping as well. Typically, the sound goes sharper, creates more headroom, and increases the volume when the clipping voltage is high. When the clipping voltage is low, the sound becomes more rounded and more mid-focused, and the volume goes down. If you set it to asymmetrical clipping, you will hear a mix of these sounds (which is good for the blues sound). It is such a versatile pedal.

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