Nunomo Artificial Reflection - Tap Tempo Delay




It harvests the best part of Digital and Analog delay.

Using digital circuit for time shifting. Mix and feedback circuit are 100% analog. Unique feedback circuit adds Extra Resonance to its tone. Oscillation control footswitch and "Softkill switch". It is very useful when feedback tone got muddy. Audiophile quality Op-amp, 100% custom made software. Tap Tempo.

Natural. Organic feedback tone.


  • Time, Feedback and Mix control
  • Digital time shift and Analog feedback circuit
  • Tap Tempo button
  • Extra Feedback (Oscillation control) foot switch
  • Digital Fx Footswitch (Softkill or slowdown playback)
  • 100% Original software to archive the best tone.

(The first image is a beta prototype. Switch location will be moved to the top. Paint will be updated.)

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