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Glad you made to this page because this is the coolest little pedal ever, the Nose Voltilizer. It simply controls the voltage output to an analog effect pedal by running a 9V power line to the input and using the 2.1mm 9V power cable from the output, to the input power of another effect pedal. This is also known as a “Dying Battery Simulator” pedal. By controlling the voltage output of other effect pedals, you can create a wide variety of new sounds. It sounds great on a fuzz pedal to create very spitty, gated, and broken up fuzz. Reduce the voltage on a boost pedal to turn it into an overdrive pedal- almost like adding a reverse gain knob. Add a depth knob to timed effects like certain phasers without a depth knob. Increase the length of delay on analog delay pedals, or even use it as a dimmer control for the LEDs on our true bypass loopers. Try the Voltilizer pedal out on all types of analog effects to see what happens. It turns the modded Boss DS-1 in the video into a weird, randomized, tremolo effect. It even has a dimmer controlled LED- as you turn down the voltage, the LED will dim.


Dimensions of the metal enclosure are 3.64" x 1.52" x 1.06". Uses standard 9V DC power (example: Visual Sound One Spot Adapter). Power output is a male to male 2.1mm 9V patch cable which is included with the pedal. Compatible with analog pedals only (not digital). Completely hand-build, hand-painted, and hand-tested.

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