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Where do we start with this pedal? How about with an original circuit! The Noble is a new, non-transparent drive designed with JFET transistors specifically made for sound. The beauty of the Noble circuit is that it breaks up like a tube amp does. And like every great sounding tube amp, has its own tone. It can be dialed in to act as a more simple transparent drive, but not with all knobs dialed in at 12 o'clock. This overdrive has its own sound. Starting with the 'Ìânot your average tone' knob. It's not just a simple hi-pass/low-pass tone filter. Dialed in passed 10 o'clock you'll notice how the tone adds a very shimmery high-end presence to your sound. It does this while not killing your low end. This is great for lighter overdrive settings with added reverb and delays for brilliant, shimmery ambient tones. Moving on to the 'ÌâStyle' toggle which serves more than one purpose. The two different styles allow for a lighter shimmery overdrive, as well as a thicker low end and heavier styled overdrive that's great for blues and lead playing too. The second purpose can be to match overdrives between using a single coil (or P90) pickups, to using humbucker pickups. If you use both types of guitars in a set, you can use the thicker overdrive setting for your single coils, and the lighter overdrive setting for your humbuckers, resulting in a pretty even overdrive saturation between the two different types of guitars.

Finally, A Bass Guitar Pedal You'll Actually Use!

Here's where it gets even better. We know, as bass players also, that it's hard enough to find good bass pedals that we actually use. Bass players should have awesome pedalboards with lots of great pedals too. Our Noble drive is an AMAZING bass guitar pedal. However, it does act different on bass than guitar. First, it's an overdrive pedal. If you're a bass player, we know you're tired of trying to find an overdrive pedal that you'll actually use or doesn't sound like a fuzz. The Noble is what bass overdrive should sound like. From light, to thick, to fuzz, this pedal has it all. Also, the tone feature adds some great presence to your bass, like on guitar. Finally, the Noble is a great sounding Pre for bass. Before it ever gets into overdrive territory, it warms your sound for live or studio just like a great Pre should. Use the lighter 'ÌâStyle' and the 'ÌâGain' anywhere before 12 o'clock to use it as a Pre. The best words we can use to describe the Pre range is from 'ÌâPunch' to 'ÌâGrowl'. When used as a Pre, it's a pedal that actually does add to your bass tone -a pedal that you will actually want to leave on. Yay bass players!

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