Nose Pedal Mean Green Clean Boost Jr.


Nose Pedal

The Nose Mean Green Clean Boost gets its name because it gets really loud! If you're looking for a boost with a lot of headroom and a super clean, warm tone then just go ahead and buy this one. You can also use this boost for a lot more than just getting louder. Keep it turned on and dial it in to around 8-9 o'clock for just a nice added warmth to your sound. Around 12 o'clock adds a pretty good boost for lead tones for both clean and with added gain from other pedals. Finally, turn it all the way up, and lower your volume to get a very hard crunch tone or, don't lower your volume. However you decide to use it, it's a great pedal to have on your board.

The Nose MGC Boost Jr. is the same pedal, in just a much more compact design.

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