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We like to be different and think different at NosePedal. The Kathy Overdrive is just that, different. Unlike the Noble, the Kathy is more of your transparent overdrive. But you'll notice, the knobs say way different things than your standard overdrive. This is a transparent overdrive pedal with an added warmth circuit which can be bypassed from the overdrive itself. Keeping with the being different' theme, you'll notice there isn't a tone control. Since this is a transparent overdrive, a tone filter isn't really needed. The job of this pedal is to produce and add different transparent overdrives and warmth to your sound.

The toggle and gain knob control the overdrive part of the pedal. With the warmth and volume bypass, the Fat & Lovely' toggle produce two different styles of overdrive, with the 'Gain' knob acting as the master volume. With the warmth and volume engaged, the Gain' is used as saturation which can slam the warmth circuit, and the 'Volume' knob is now the master volume control. By slamming the warmth circuit, another overdrive tone is produced -almost a fuzz. The 'Warmth' is, well, warmth. When engaged, the 'Warmth' circuit will clam down the overdrive, evening out the highs, and adding a smoothness to the over all tone.

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