Nose Pedal Plus Expression Pedal


Aaron Tomberlin

The Nose Plus Expression pedal is everything you need in an expression pedal. It is both the original Nose Pedal and Nose Blue Pedal in one. So it has both a Stereo (TRS) and Mono (TS) 1/4" expression jack. This mean that it’ll work with pretty much any guitar pedal on the market with an expression extension. It’ll also work with two different pedals with different types of expression extensions like a Line 6 DL4 (mono TS) and an Electro Harmonix Memory Boy (stereo TRS) at the same time. Simply plug your mono expression pedal in the “M” 1/4" jack and plug your stereo expressoin pedal in the “S” jack. Every guitar player needs this very versatile expression pedal.


  • Small.
  • Georgia Clay Orange.
  • Dimensions are 4"x2"x1".
  • Both a Mono (TS) and Stereo (TRS) 1/4" expression jack.
  • Requires no power.

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