Nose Pedal Blue Expression Pedal


Aaron Tomberlin

The Nose Blue Expression Pedal is a TRS Stereo 1/4" jack expression pedal. The original Nose Expression (purple) is a TS Mono expression pedal. This pedal works with many analog guitar pedals with expression extensions. Compatible with brands like Boss, Strymon, Electro Harmonix, and more. To check compatibility, simply refer to your products manual to see if your pedal requires a TRS (Stereo) expression. It doesn’t take up much space on your board and doesn’t require any power. Grab a Stereo 1/4" cable and you are ready to plug up and play.


  • Small.
  • Blue.
  • Dimensions are 3"x2"x1".
  • TRS Stereo 1/4" jack expression pedal.
  • Requires no power.

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