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The Big Foot Expression isn't like your ordinary, larger expression controllers. First of all, it looks sweet and it's available in multiple colors. Second, you get a lot of functionality for one pedal. This pedal will control two different pedals with expression connections on your board. With two TS connections, it can control Line 6, Eventide, and other brands with a TS connection. With two TRS connections it can control Electro Harmonix, Boss, Strymon, Axe-FX, and more. Most brands out there use TRS type connections. This expression pedal can also be ordered to have both a TS and TRS connection. When using a Wah effect or pitch shift setting on a Line 6 or Axe-FX (and other multi effects pedals), obviously this expression pedal is great to have. Each side of the pedal has an expression connection. When you press a hard toe down, the switch selects between each connection with an LED indicating which is engaged.

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