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We are very happy with the way this distortion turned out. The hardest part about making a great distortion pedal, is actually making 'clean distortion', if that makes sense.

With high saturation comes a ton of unwanted hum, buzz, radio noise, etc. But, not with this pedal. Many times you have to use a really good gate to cut the signal when you're not playing because of all the extra nasty noise. But, not with this pedal. On some distortion pedals you have to sacrifice the crispness of the low end to obtain super thick saturation. But, not on this pedal. Just being real, this is probably the best distortion pedal in the whole galaxy. 

The Alcatraz distortion delivers tons of saturation while maintaining a very tight and crisp low end, great separation between notes, all while making little to no extra gain hum. This is quite the accomplishment for a distortion pedal this thick. And honestly, a distortion pedal isn't worth designing if it can be this good. Yeah, maybe we're a little biased. But we're players too, and when it comes time for playing heavy, shredding, or playing your favorite Nickleback tunes (Not), you need a distortion that helps, not hinders. Equipped with a ton of gain, extra treble and bass controls, and even a prisoners tattoo, you'll find all the heavy-but-clean tone you need out of the Alcatraz.


  • Dimensions of the metal casing is 4.67' x 3.68' x 1.95'.
  • True-bypassed switching.
  • Uses standard 9V DC power (example: Visual Sound One Spot Adapter).
  • Completely hand-build, hand-painted, and hand-tested.

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