Nose Pedal AA-Ron v2 - Swappable Overdrive Distortion & Boost


Nose Pedal

Nose Pedal AA Ron V2 Swappable Overdrive Distortion And Boost Pedal

You done messed up if the V2 AA-Ron hasn’t made its way into your rig.

The latest Nose AA-Ron Swappable Overdrive and Boost Pedal includes a tweaked circuit for additional clarity, but still retains the user-controlled two switchable diode clipping options.

But the killer tone isn't yours until you control the order of effects, and the V2 AA-Ron includes an "Order Swapper" switch so you can select the order of effect processing: place the boost before the overdrive, or choose to place the overdrive before the boost!

The V2 AA-Ron also now features soft-touch relay bypass switching, making this a premium overdrive and boost that can act as a simple sweetener or make your guitar sound insubordinate and churlish.


  • Overdrive and Boost in one compact pedal
  • Two switchable clipping options
  • Order Swapper switch (you choose boost before or after overdrive)
  • Soft-touch bypass switch
  • Dials for Drive, Body, Boost, and Volume
  • Overdrive "clip" switch
  • Separate Drive and Boost Activation Switches
  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Chassis: Deep Blue

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