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The Amperage Pedal is a MIDI controller in a rugged stompbox enclosure. It has 8 knobs and two footswitches which, as with all MIDI controllers, can be assigned to the virtual controls in your software amplifier or instrument.

By default, Knob4 is used as a bank selector and when turned, will select from seven different banks of MIDI controls which are indicated by the multicolor led in-between the rows of knobs. If desired you can 'lock-in' a bank and use all eight knobs (and both footswitches) as MIDI controllers.

One of the most important features of the Amperage Pedal is subtle - but incredibly powerful, which is: It has enough knobs to grab control of *all* of the primary controls of a software guitar amplifier *at the same time*. And this subtle feature is what allows a guitarist to take a computer with a modeling guitar amplifier on-stage and actually adjust the sound of any presets in realtime. Which is essentially impossible if you have to use the mouse or a touchy screen.

The pedal is of course not limited to use by guitarists. The designer plays the guitar but also likes to make noise using software synthesizers and the Amperage Pedal's ease of changing banks makes controlling software synthesizers a joy instead of a hassle. The soft-touch footswitches are very quiet and thus suited for use in the studio, or when the pedal is placed on the desktop of your home studio.

The pedal is versatile and by pressing and releasing both footswitches simultaneously; various options which may be needed on stage can be selected. Other options (such as MIDI channel numbers and remapping of the MIDI controllers) can be done with the included utility application (available for both mac's and pc's).

If desired the pedal is capable of being customized (within limits) to suit specific needs you might have. If you have any questions just send email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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