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The History

"A what?", I hear you say... Well the Vorg Warp Sound is an obscure one all right. It's a resonant low pass filter/distortion pedal from the mid-70s, made for Japanese drum manufacturing giants Pearl, who sold these curiosities via their own name and also under the Vorg brand (which seems to have been reserved for Pearl's more guitar oriented products).

An almost completely forgotten effect, it was pushed onto the pedal geek radar when one showed up on one of Kevin Shields' ridiculously voluminous pedal boards during their reunion shows a couple of years back. Interesting indeed...

The Warp

Based on a schematic traced from an original unit, the North Effects Warp brings things up to date with the usual true bypass, 9V Boss-style DC jack and LED indicator. The internal bias/drive pot from the original has been mounted up top (alongside the volume and envelope knobs), as it is provides a handy degree of control over the filter resonance.

The Sound

On its own, the Vorg provides a weird and wicked "cocked wah" EQ boost. Turn up the bias/drive knob and it'll add an unhealthy dollop of distortion on the side. The real fun, however, begins when stacked with other pedals. Put it after a Muff (the North Green Russian is perfect here) and the Keven Shields association quickly makes more sense as you head far into blown out MBV territory...

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