North Effects 22/7 Green Russian



The History

Back in the mid-eighties after E-H had gone belly-up in the US, Mike Matthews set up shop in the then USSR as Sovtek. Initially focussed on producing valves, it wasn't long before lingering demand for the Muff prompted Matthews to recruit two Soviet colonels and set them to work on producing a new Russian built model. The design evolved from what became known as the Red Army Overdrive, to the Civil War model and then in the 90s the green V7 models. Production ceased a couple of years back and what were once one of the best cheap thrills available to fuzzheads have now become collectable and expensive.

The Clone

Featuring the same high quality components as my other pedals, the Green Russian faithfully reproduces the big bottom-end and grittiness of the original and adds modern niceities like true bypass switching and a standard Boss-style 9V DC jack. In short, that hooligan sound in a small, reliable package for a good deal less than going vintage.

The Sound

The green V7 Muff is particularly favoured by the alt-rock fraternity and bass players in general, with notable users like Thurston Moore and Dan Auerbach fuelling current demand (listen to "Thickfreakness" for a good recorded example of what these sound like). Biassed for lower gain, the Green Russian has a much more up-front bottom that makes it easily the best choice for bass and displays enough bite and grit up top to keep things plenty lively.

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