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Ah, the Muff Fuzz. Another of the second generation two-transistor fuzzes that spread like a rash all over the end of the '60s (with all those filthy free lovin' hippies about, it was bound to happen). The shadow cast by its more famous "Big" brother is long, but to overlook the MF would be to miss out on its considerable charms, for it has something quite different and complementary to offer. The MF has a pleasant, lived-in midrange paunch to it, and is a bit fuzzy around the edges, where the BM is scooped, muscular and focussed. Kind of like Beau and Jeff Bridges in the '70s - you'd be happy to split a six-pack and do a few buckets with either, depending on your mood.

The '69 MF

The North Effects '69 MF takes it back to the beginning with ceramic caps and old-stock 2N5133 transistors, then transplants it all into a standard pedal format (the original 1969 model came as a little plug-in module that went straight into the guitar jack). There's just a single level control (the MF has a healthy amount of output volume), and it's all you need as the dirt is wonderfully controllable from the guitar volume knob (this one has one of the best clean up acts you'll hear in any silicon pedal). Switching is true bypass, the LED is Fresnel lensed for better viewing angle and it can be powered by a battery or the standard Boss-type 9V jack.

Sounds like?

On single coils with the guitar volume all the way up, the mids are pushed up and out and the edges scuzzed down with a fine wire brush. More to the point, it feels like a really worn in pair of Doc Martens. Throw some big vintage humbuckers into it and it gets up and firmly states "I AM Classic Rock"...

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