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The Norrland Tap Tempo Tremolo is one of the most versatile tremolo pedals you might ever come across. This very compact tremolo features an LFO that can be set to the tempo of your choosing by simply tapping it. 7 different waveforms can be used, as well as a random step tremolo. Distorting these waveforms is also possible, thus creating very narrow pulse waves which sound like short blips.

The bottom rim emits blue light mimicking the sound the tremolo will (or will not) produce. Even during bypass you can see the tempo, waveform and depth you dialled in.

  • Speed: manually set the speed of the tremolo. This knob works in conjunction with the tap switch: whichever is used last, sets the speed of the circuit.
  • Depth: sets the depth of the tremolo, going from very subtle to completely on/off.
  • Waveshape: choose between 8 different wave shapes; Up ramp, Down ramp, Square, Triangle, Sine, Hypertriangle (the top is a triangle, the bottom a sine), inverted hypertriangle (the top is a sine, the bottom a triangle) and random steps.
  • Wave: change the length of the light phase (during the light phase, sound is audible). Caution: when setting this knob to very narrow pulse widths, the volume decreases slightly because a lot of sound is muted.
  • Multiplier: choose the subdivision of the note tapped with the tap switch. Choose between half notes, quarter notes, triplet quarter notes, eight notes, triplet eight notes and sixteenth notes.
  • Tap switch: tap quarter notes in the tempo of the song. The last two taps set the tempo. Whenever it is necessary to realign the tremolo to the start of the beat, tap this knob once.

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