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NOVEMBER 28, 2011 – SALEM OR, USA— Normandy Guitars LLC enters the guitar electronics market with their new, two-in-one effects pedal, the O-CB (overdrive and clean boost). The pedal features true bypass switching, an overdrive built around the classic 1n60 chip, an integrated clean boost pedal that can increase the guitar’s signal up to 30db plus heavy duty, made in the USA construction. Relative to the rest of the “boutique” overdrive pedal market, Normandy’s new pedal is on the more affordable side at $169 per unit (street price). The O-CB is essentially two pedals in one with a foot switch for the overdrive and a separate foot switch for the clean boost function. A single pedal that can take the place of 2 pedals from your average guitarists pedal board and free up some much needed real estate.“The Normandy O-CB pedal is a must have for those on the quest for the Holy Grail of tone” says Normandy CEO, Jim Normandy. “We specifically designed this thing to bring out a wide array of classic tones from juicy fuzz box overtones to crunchy desert rock overdrive”. “But more importantly” he says, “we really focused on making something that sounds different. The world doesn’t need another Tube Screamer clone right?”

“The pedal is made in our Salem Oregon shop right here in the USA, says Normandy “and all of the parts are sourced from U.S. companies”. The Normandy Guitars O-CB is an overdrive pedal and a clean boost pedal all in one unit. The incredibly versatile O-CB allows you to dial in an exceptionally wide array of overdrive styles. From bright shimmery highs to growling, crunchy, chunka-chunka-funk to a warm, smooth and bluesy tone that Keef would be proud of. All of this classic ear candy is courtesy of a single opamp design, classic 1N60 germanium clipping diodes, and tantalum caps. AND, you have the power to be heard when it’s most important. The Boost switch can be used to punch in your lead volume just as loud as you want it – when you want it! Or, use the boost to help color the sound of the overdrive. When used independently of the Overdrive the CLEANBOOST signal is a totally transparent “full” boost… not a treble boost and is simply “the cleanest we’ve ever heard” said Normandy. “Used this way, the signal is just what it says, clean… Meaning, you can simply increase the output of whatever sound is coming out of your amp whether it be clean, fuzzy or completely distorted all the way up to 30db!” Following Normandy’s penchant for “design that is different”, the pedal’s graphics are laser engraved into the black powder coated surface. A nice feature that will add years of life in the looks department where most other pedals are silkscreened and tend to rub, chip and scratch off in a matter of months.

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