Nordvang Custom No. 1 - Overdrive / Boost


Nordvang Custom

The NORDVANG CUSTOM No.1 is a premium quality overdrive/boost pedal that will take your tone to the next level.

It is a powerful tool in the eternal quest for the perfect sound and delivers a wide range of delicious tones, without ever compromising the true voice of your guitar. The sound is transparent and very responsive to your picking attack, making the No.1 a very dynamic-sounding overdrive and nothing like your regular TS-type overdrive.

The NORDVANG CUSTOM No.1 is designed as a real overdrive in the sense, that it interacts with the input stage in your guitar amplifier by pushing it into saturation and thereby generating true amplifier overdrive. This makes it the perfect match to a quality tube amplifier.

The Nordvang Custom No.1 is based on the legendary Klon Centaur, but with an improved circuit design, premium quality components and added options for tweaking your sound. 

  • Handcrafted in Denmark
  • To obtain a high level of transparency and clean headroom, the power is internally increased from 9 volt DC to +/- 15 volt DC, using an expensive, high-efficiency DC-DC converter.
  • Switchable germanium/silicon clipping diodes.
  • Switchable low-frequency drive response.
  • Switchable EQ setting.
  • Buffered bypass to prevent signal degradation due to long cable runs.
  •  Custom made, high-end Hi-Fi potentiometers manufactured in Japan.
  •  Audiophile components throughout:     
    • 1% precision resistors
    • Metalized polypropylene capacitors in the tone circuit
    • No electrolytic capacitors in the signal path.
  • High-quality switches.
  • Internally wired with high-quality, Teflon-insulated, silver-coated copper wire.
  • Audio grade, 3% silver solder.
  • Durable Hammond aluminum enclosure.

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