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Noisemaker Effects

The Propaganda Overload is a versatile, great sounding overdrive. It’s op-amp based, giving out lots of volume, and a big gain range. From low gain, to thick and chunky distortion.

The Propaganda Overload, like the RAT - a more common Op-Amp based overdrive, is sensitive to your guitar’s volume, your picking, and playing style.

Like all Noisemaker Effects products, the Propaganda Overload is hand made from high quality parts, including Neutrik Jacks, Alpha Pots, and 3PDT footswitches for true-bypass switching, and activity indicating LED’s.

The Propaganda Overload features:

  • MXR Sized Durable Aluminum Enclosure
  • 9v Standard Boss Style power adapter
  • High Brightness LED
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Gain and Level Controls

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