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The Silicon Fuzz Face is a classic design that is sought after on the vintage market, and for good reason. It's a fantastic fuzz with some really unique sounds.

The Pompeii is a meticulous recreation of the vintage silicon Fuzz Face - right down to using an original schematic and NOS parts whenever available. It's named for one of the most famous performances to use a silicon Fuzz Face - Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii.

The Pompeii uses BC108 transistors stock - the old style metal cans in matched pairs. It's circuit is true to the original silicon Fuzz Face, but in a more pedal board friendly shape, as well as with added true bypass switching.

The goal of the Pompeii, as well as the other Noisemaker Effects Vintage Line pedals, is to bring true vintage design pedals back from decades ago and make them accessible to everyone with handmade quality, and the perfect mixture of vintage and modern design. At $80, the Pompeii is a true, vintage-spec Fuzz Face that's hand-made for less than the price of the current inaccurate reissues. Vintage shouldn't always equal expensive, and the Noisemaker Effects Vintage Line is now available to prove it!

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