Noisemaker Industries


    Noisemaker Effects is run by Matt out of the Missoula, Montana area.

    Timeline (by Matt)

    • June 2008: First prototype pedals and amps.
    • December 2008: First batch of pedals/amps sold.
    • January 2009: "Noisemaker Effects" is chosen as a company name.
    • March 2009: The very first Noisemaker Effects website was launched.
    • May 2009: A-OK Boost and Sludgemaker are introduced, rounding out the early product line.
    • Summer 2009: Multiple batches of pedals and Li'l Bastard amps are sold, spurring Noisemaker Effects to be a business, rather than a hobby.
    • January 2010: With the New Year, the full Noisemaker Effects website was launched, allowing ordering through the site, and featuring new pedal designs.
    • February 2011: After substantial growth over 2010, Noisemaker Effects added its first dealer, Prymaxe Vintage.
    • Summer 2011: More dealers are added, and several pedals are released.
    • Winter 2011/2012: The current product lineup is formed, and the Noisemaker Effects Custom Shop is officially opened.

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