Noel Pedals Cornet - Sovtek Big Muff


Cornet is fuzz that is Sovtek BIG MUFF type. added many ideas.I think it is not common MUFF clone.

Cornet uses vintage 2N5133 transistor and vintage CC resistor. Both of them has WARM and SMOOTH sound. It is very classical tone. Also uses Mallory cap. This is a very clear sound, no loss any guitar signal. It is very modern sound. Cornet's tone is a hybrid tone of classic and modern.

Tone control is very simple. This is not affect extremely like BIG MUFF. It affects only High~High-mid range. It enable easily tone seeking. And I tuned Cornet to be easy using in band ensemble. I cut excessive Low and Presence range. Cornet doesn't cover a wide range. But it would be good sound for guitar. No matter what surrounding environment changes, you can find fine point easily.

There is much fine changes,a little different texture of drive sound, higher responsive to guitar volume and picking.

Completely handmade and hand-soldered, Cornet utilizes Millenium-Bypass switching (similar to True-Bypass). Open one up, you will see craftsmanship. Terminal Lug, any vintage or high quality components, push-back wire, vintage 60's wire and using Wonder Signature solder.

Cornet is stuffed with my craftsmanship!

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