Nocturne Billy Brain


Tavo Vega (Nocturne)

Need to have your Nocturne Preamp more Psychobilly meets Honky Tonk?? Then you might need the Nocturne Billy Brain aggressive and full tilt version of our Atomic Brain's "abby mode". This uses a more modern opamp with preset bass cut. Most fender and vox style amps will quickly go into a crunchy twang with this preamp at 3 oclock. It's definitely a texas psychobilly freakout.

While this economical stripped down box is a half size hammond style enclosure and quick shot paint job with decals, I can assure you the heart of this preamp is still top quality components:

  • metal film resistors in the audo path
  • xicon eletrolytics
  • switchcraft jacks
  • alpha pots
  • socketed opamp
  • heavy duty true bypass stomp switch
  • 9v DC adaptor jack (- tip boss style) and battery clip included.
Gotta love the Gorilla's glowing Red LED stink eye!

Tavo Vega (Nocturne)

The Billy Brain is based off the ABBY side of the Atomic but redefined EQ (I had to set Bass cut "on" since there is only a gain control) and the chip in the Billy Brain is different. Yes a full functioning RE301 Space echo is using a dual opamp (JRC4558) but my preamp is only using half a bi-FET chip so that I can goose the hellouta it.. if it gets too over the top then more definition needs to come into play and more treble isnt the answer in the Billy so I changed the chip.. it turns an EL84 Vox style amp into a smoldering crunch box when dimed with Filtertrons and chewy twang with 50s style single coil pickups (ala tele and strat).

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