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Nocturne Bass Brain

I've replicated a much improved Vintage Japanese 70's preamp from the RE-301 Tape Delay machine known as the Space Echo

 A Full sonic spectrum, preamplifier that is hand wired & loaded with hi-fidelity audio components: 22 gauge bonded copper strand wiring, Vishay metal film resistors in the audio path, socketed Burr Brown Opamps, Metal Film cap, Quality Sprague, Panasonic Electrolytics, etc w/ all flying leads to Alpha pots and switchcraft jacks w/ hardwire true bypass. 

Average turn around is 10 weeks at this time, as these are built one at a time by me and my son per order.

We've Improved the input impedance, extended the gain range & added a presence cut to reduce finger and string noise along w additional noise filtering. This is designed for  P-bass/ J-Bass (Plank Guitars) type electromagnetic pickups but will warm up piezo-based pickups in Upright Bass instruments as long as you have an onboard active pre before it.  This Bass Brain will bring "the Brown Note" to your instrument, and increase your finger and pick dynamics (Pizz) as well as add improved sustain.

The Abby mode is a fixed input gain boost of about 35% and should be activated when using piezo instruments w the presence cut dialed to max.

This also works great for Keyboards (5-octave range), Steel Guitar & yes even guitar! This is favored by Dan Moses of the Dynotones for his surf Intro rig!

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