Nocturne Atomic Brain



Tavo Vega (Nocturne)

All the great sound of the DYNO BRAIN w/ a little more zing and an "Abby" mode opens up the preamp for soloing or adding more punch to power chord.

Done up in raw metal (hand rubbed 100% recycled aluminum) finish like a nice old chrome bumper from a lead sled.

This is a preamp in a floor pedal, the boost mode isn't acting like other drive boxes that employ cascading gain or double up on diode clipping. Its a bit of a unique approach to solve the request for a solo mode.

The "ABBY" is opening wide the preamp gain range. Guitar solo's will stand above the band digging in at chorus intensity or even if at a turn around you want a cool melodic travis pickin pass. The ABBY switch is taking your guitar from whatever level you have the NORMAL mode at (this normal mode is the Dyno Brain with a hair more open highs) and suddenly making everything like 30% more dynamic than it was (i hate using "touch sensitive") so as you dig in for the solo the guitar is pushing into the amp or whatever is after it that much more. It all input impedance doubling really and the more the normal channel gain is turned up, the more boost you will get from the "ABBY" mode.

A neat by-product is that if you just keep both stompers on, the input impedance is now so responsive there is plenty of "rawk" avail for master volume amp guys. The Brain Seltzer use to get reviewed by amp guys with master volume amps and hot pkups on their guitars as "subtle" and that was because it was matched to work with a Seltzer* type rig (*Tvjones Filtertron'd guitar and non master Fender amp w/presence control).. This Atomic brain in abby mode will answer to that now. (I kept mine in ABBY mode for recording my album so the amp was more efficient without having to be blasted at its full 40watts uhm I am heralding my album right now as the Atomic brain demo album... hehe)

Tavo Vega (Nocturne)

The Atomic Brain is a "live" pedal for those that keep their Dyno Brain on and would like a Boost mode or dual settings on the fly for soloing or to jump out of the mix with a band. the Atomic Brain is one preamp with a dual function, so there are not 2 EQ circuits playing tag team elbow slams(my explanation of my Brain Seltzer and Billy Brain on at the same time).

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