N.O.C.3 Effects Rock Candy



  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Treble
  • Bass
  • Lowpass limiting (toggle switch)


N.O.C.3 Effects

The Rock Candy Overdrive features the standard Volume and Gain controls, but that is where standard ends for this pedal. It has the added feature of separate Treble & Bass controls which allows the user to truly dial in 'that tone in their head'.

Another addition that makes the Rock Candy so versatile is the Lowpass Limiting Switch which clips frequencies above 600Hz at varying degrees depending on the setting. In the middle position, there is the least amount of clipping, and only the loudest peaks of your signal will pass through and be clipped. This gives a brighter, more open sound. The up position provides slightly more clipping and bit more saturation to the drive sound. The down position provides the most clipping, and more smooth top end compression.

This is a great low-medium overdrive that has very robust build quality, and will work with just about any set up from blues, rock, country, and everything in-between!

  • Low - Medium Overdrive
  • Volume, Gain, Treble, and Bass controls
  • Lowpass Limiting Switch
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 9V - 18V power

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