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The EarthTone boost is a small compact clean booster powered by a single JFET transistor in a “class A” configuration. The EarthTone's best feature is it's sweetening effect when its on. It does not add any “grit” or clipping, the sound is very very clean but it imparts a goodness to your tone that is hard to describe. The frequency response is full, it does not cut any bass or roll off any highs. It is simple to use, the volume knob can attenuate as well as boost your signal, so it can be used as an in-line buffer and kept on all the time for its sweetening effect. True bypass. Only works with wall wart, no room inside for a battery. It is barely bigger than a battery anyway! It isn't super loud, at only 15dB of boost there are certainly louder boosts around but the EarthTone is about quality rather than quantity. The EarthTone has plenty of juice for getting above the mix or pushing an amp on the edge.

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